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One platform, many possibilities...


Expand the possibilities of your employees through the use of our dynamicX-platform. Data access to SAP information from any end device and without installation! Can be used as a portal, in the SAP GUI as an online and offline application.

To this end, we have developed a dynamic workspace that makes it much easier to navigate between the functions defined by the user. What do we mean by functions? Both simple links to SAP transactions and complete process apps that make it easier to interact with SAP using the latest web technologies.

Customised design

Consumer App comparable usability. You and your employees will find your way around immediately!


Whether LowCode app creation or the mapping of complicated apps with your IT service provider or the Aginag team - you won't need a large project!

Offline functionality of the applications

The basis for offline use is included in all apps - mobile use without much effort!


In a complex IT system network, information is usually available multiple times and is required in different systems and components. For this reason, selected systems are usually defined as the leading system in order to have ONE source of information that is defined as correct or original.

The challenge now is to ensure that the systems work with each other on the current and correct database and that the leading system only contains correct and verified data.

Using integratoR, it is possible to link systems of different types and to enable automated and controlled data exchange, despite different data structures.

E2E Digitisation made easy

We connect your non-SAP to SAP without development - data integration made easy!

Data control

You decide whether non-SAP systems post data directly in SAP or whether automatic or manual data validations are carried out!

IT security and data protection compliant

Cloud connections to SAP are also possible without risk using integratoR!

The workforce
Management Suite

With our suite of applications, we support the entire maintenance process, from order creation and planning through to processing, feedback and controlling.

Starting with the order creation (xOrderEntry) via the annual planning of maintenance orders (xYearPlanner), for qualification maintenance (xQuali) and document management (xDoc) supports order preparation. With xPlanner The orders are allocated to resources and teams and xField of mobile maintenance. With xField checklists and measured values can be recorded, time and material feedback and fault messages can be created. The order processing status (xComStat) gives work planners a quick and easy overview of the status of order processing. And with xTraPay allowances can be recorded by the employee and released by the manager for the entire team to payroll accounting. You can obtain a complete overview of key figures and the most important analyses via xLytics, where your data is presented in visually appealing graphs and diagrams.



Processing Evaluate

The current overview of the processing status of your orders.

The requirement for the order processing status app was to provide work planners with a quick and easy overview of the status of order processing. The intelligent logic calculates the remaining planning time in the order based on the equipment evaluated and the planned time per piece of equipment. The work planner can quickly and easily obtain an overview of the status and reschedule the orders based on the remaining planned time.



Upload images and documents

Images can be captured quickly and easily and documents can be assigned to SAP objects with just a few clicks.

Desktop Mockup

To prepare the orders, the scheduling department can attach further information to maintenance orders and notifications via document upload - mobile recording of damage images is also possible. With xDoc, the document info record no longer has to be laboriously maintained; this is done in the background. The attachments are simply added to the SAP object using drag and drop or captured directly with the smartphone camera.



MOBILE data processing

With xField, the offline-capable application, maintenance/CS orders and processes can be processed on the move and on any end device.

The mobile application is the central element and provides easy access to the orders to be processed. Texts can be entered and statuses set for the order, process or notification. The app also offers a checklist function in which both measures and measuring points can be processed. Fault messages with causes can be recorded for technical objects. Time and material feedback as well as measured value recording and document handling round off the range of functions. If required, master data and classifications can also be changed on the move. 

The Field Service App is offline-capable, i.e. all functions are available even without a connection to the SAP system. Only new or changed information is exchanged with the front end via delta sync.



Key figures

Have the most important key figures displayed so that you can plan quickly and easily on this basis.

Dashboards display large amounts of information on individual topics in a concise form to give you a quick overview. With xLytics, you can create personalised dashboards quickly and easily.



PM order system

Guide your employees in the creation of orders - the xOrderEntryPM Wizard makes it possible.

With xOrderEntryPM makes creating maintenance orders child's play. A wizard guides you through the selection fields which, based on the default settings, only produce valid order combinations in the technical locations you have authorised. Away from overloaded transactions and towards order creation with just a few clicks. 



SD order system

Guide your employees in the creation of orders - the xOrderEntrySD Wizard makes it possible.

In principle, creating an SD order with xOrderEntrySD is very trivial and can be done with just a few clicks. You are supported in the correct selection of the 3 criteria (order type/client/material) that are necessary for order creation and further steps.




Plan your employees and vehicles clearly using a Gant chart, supported by absence data and a geographical display.

xPlanner offers an intuitive graphical interface for manual resource planning with information on open requirements, resource utilisation and possible conflicts with current resource planning. The app integrates the personnel resources from HR and production resources.



Qualification maintenance

Simple assignment of qualifications to employees or teams.

The maintenance of qualifications (infotype 0024) in dynamicX allows simple multiple maintenance, for example if several employees have taken part in a training programme. For a better overview, the qualifications catalogue only shows the relevant entries and the expired qualifications are displayed at a glance.



shift management

Digitised switching authorisations - simple and transparent

Switch application management for energy supply companies and industrial operations plays a special role. Here, the process of issuing the switching authorisation was digitalised in SAP. This made it possible to establish a connection to both the technical object of the switching and the associated maintenance order/notification. The workflow ensures a system-interruption-free check in the control centre. See Stories.


xTraPay Release / Recording

Allowances recording and release

This app enables your employees to record allowances directly from their smartphone, for example, and forward them to the approver. The approver can then release this data for their team.

Desktop Mockup

In the allowance approval application, employees record their on-call times and allowances on the mobile front end. The manager responsible receives dynamicX an overview of all recorded allowances. The allowances can be checked, adjusted and transferred to payroll accounting. The SAP standard transaction was cumbersome to use, now just a few clicks in a clear design are all it takes.



Rough planning

Plan your orders based on calendar weeks, supported by HR absence data and a geographical view.

After the maintenance plan call-off, the PM/CS orders can be scheduled in calendar weeks using the annual planner. The orders can be bundled in the GIS based on geographical proximity. The capacity utilisation overview based on real attendances and absences from SAP HR shows whether a team still has free capacity. After planning, the transfer is made to xPlanner for disposition.

Further services

Project management

On the basis of many years of co-operation with our customers operating in Germany and internationally, we support you with proven project management methods to lead your project to success.

Process consulting

From the optimisation of business processes to efficient implementation in IT, we offer you value-adding consulting. We do not simply adapt the technology to the processes - we analyse and optimise your processes.


Nowadays, people are used to controlling everything from anywhere using their smartphone. We transfer this kind of luxury and the associated flexibility to your everyday working life.

Strategy Workshop

Find out more about the current possibilities of mobility and what added value mobilisation could offer your company in our Mobile Strategy Workshop.

SAP development

Do you need customised adaptations or special programming? Our experts will work with you to develop solutions that fit perfectly into your existing architecture.


With nearshoring, we support you in all areas of software development. We are the domestic contract partner for your outsourcing project. We assume full responsibility for the project.

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Founded in 2012 by three SAP® and process management consultants, AGINAG GmbH is your full service provider in the SAP environment.

Our aim is to create solutions with added value!

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Sebastian Kern

Sebastian Kern


I have been advising companies and groups in the area of SAP since 2005. I specialise in project management, process and software design as well as software architecture and development.

Christoph Weber

Christoph Weber


I have extensive experience in SAP Mobility and SAP Project Management. I have been working with SAP mobile technologies since 2003 and have extensive knowledge of the associated modules, in particular PM/EAM and SD. In addition, I have experience in dealing with critical and complex situations in SAP projects around the globe.


Aginag is an exhibitor at the smapLand Festival 2024

We are pleased to inform you that we as Aginag GmbH will participate as an exhibitor at the smapLand Festival 2024. The smapLand Festival is the no-code and tech event where citizen developers from various industries can exchange ideas and network. We cordially invite you to visit us on 17 April 2024 in Mainz and find out more about our innovative integratoR solution for easy data integration of smaps in SAP. With our integratoR, you can connect SAP with other systems without having to develop interfaces. At smapLand, you have the opportunity to experience exciting presentations, workshops and interactive sessions with industry experts and to network with other digital makers. To register for the smapLand Festival, please visit the following website: We would be delighted to welcome you there in person.

Pfalzwerke Netz AG - Optimised switching request management

Planning began in mid-2021 and the application for switching operations has been running in SAP since January of this year. With the new software, Grid Services and the grid control centre have made this process much more efficient. Background: If fitters need to carry out a switching operation in the medium or high voltage range, they or the dispatcher must request this from the grid control centre. This is because, whether maintenance or repair, anything carried out in a voltage range of more than 1,000 volts must be approved by the grid control centre. Until last year, this request was sent to the grid control centre by Word document and email. The colleagues also replied via Word and e-mail. The agreed dates had to be entered manually into the calendar, which could only be viewed by the network control centre.

All in all, it is a rather complex and not very transparent process.

Together with Aginag GmbH, the process has now been transferred to our SAP system. The Mannheim-based software developer has been our workforce management service provider for 15 years.

"With the implementation, we have optimised a crucial tool for our internal day-to-day business. Appointments are now entered automatically, we can add comments and information or attach documents. All of this saves a few work steps and enables us to respond more quickly"summarises Florian Jansen. He adds that the process is not a finished product, but will be continuously improved. The project was the first step towards digitalisation. Further systems will be introduced in the grid control centre in the coming years and the digitalisation of switching request management is already paving the way for this.

The next project together with Aginag is the development of software that supports colleagues in the field with time recording, order processing and processes.